Rainy day

I love the rain when it's this warm! It feels like spring and oh, so wonderful! :) It does, however, make for restless kids syndrome. They are bouncing off the walls. Thankfully (I think), they pulled out the tent and are playing with this. This is a first...I usually set up our tent and they are becoming very independant. I'm going to have to watch out.

Tonight, I'm making meatballs. My mom gave me a basic recipe, 1 cup milk, some bread mushed in the milk, some turkey meat, and Italian spices. Place on a pan and bake with olive oil. I added extra milk/stuffing and parmesian cheese. I think it's going to be good...and it does smell really good! :)

The dogs were really crazy today. They have restless doggie syndrome from all this rain (it poured yesterday)...so we are all sort of bouncing off the walls. I even cleaned out the 3rd floor a bit and let the kids play up there. I also slightly twisted my ankle but that's part of the risk, I guess. There is SO much to do up there...it's like walking through a forgotten time capsule of stuff we have grown through the last 8 yrs. Amazing. And so many dead bugs! YUCK! So, I've been cleaning and found lots of material to donate to church. I think I might have a yard sale to clear up some of the last baby items. Amazing how time flies.

Oh, these meatballs smell good.

I've been working on several things to list on eBay. Mostly, Halloween related...and I want to finish some ideas for the 4th of July. For some reason, this year I actually made an American flag garland for my tree! It looks really cute. I'll take a pic and post that soon.

Besides all of this, I'm working with a great bunch of people on the VBS project. I think it's going to be really cute and the energy is great with everyone working together. Such a relief to be around positive people!

The only apprehensive thing is the surgery coming up. I wasn't nervous about it, really, but now I'm starting to get slightly anxious. But I will focus on the recovery and not anything else. It helps to have my mom here and lots of loving people. I feel blessed by so much, so I shouldn't worry.

I just wish I could make our new doggie, Penny Olive, a raincoat and some dresses. I measured her and she is about a medium size. My mom said they have actual patterns for dog clothing! I was amazed. I would love to find a sailor outfit for Mr. Nelson and something sweet in this category for Penny Olive. I hope my kids won't feel neglected...I'll have to make them some sweet things too. :)

Love to you all! Have a great week!


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