Oh, the gore

I really don't like doing blood work but I had to for my upcoming surgery. I thought it was going to be 1 vial, perhaps, but it turned out to be 5. Now, I feel sort of blah like. I hate all of this and if I think about everything at once, it will not be a good feeling and way too overwhelming. So, I will think of it on a day-to-day basis. This helps me quite a bit, let me tell you.

My mom is helping over here. I just hope she doesn't get overwhelmed in the whole thing. I just hope I recover normally and get through all of this well. That's all I can ask and pray that it goes smoothly. I'll give it to God, as the saying goes, and not stress out (too much). Did I mention my mom is a great worrier? She worries so much it makes me nervous. So, hopefully, she'll calm down and let me forget about everything and not be all anxious.

Anywho, I'm worried about my brother...he has some sort of stomach flu. I hope he clears up soon and all. He thinks he ate too much plus a migraine.

I need to do some art stuff to get my mind off of everything. I also feel a little sad that my fave show, "Ghost Whisperer" isn't coming back next season. At least there is the "Medium" show. I hope there are some good comedies or else some decent supernatural shows (less gore, however).

One thing about having this operation is my mom is closer to leaving back home...which makes me very sad. :( I sort of want her to stay, or stay longer but she can always visit us again! So, I will focus on that.

Have a great evening!


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