Of grass and keeping up appearances

There should be a law saying it's all right to have long shaggy grass and not to worry about what everyone else is going to think. But as it is, my neighborhood at least, has a mow your grass attitude or risk getting a hairy eyeball stare from someone. I understand that having a "neat" looking lawn will mean less people trotting around your piece of ground and throwing junk in it. However, I really like the longer grass and the freedom not to get a splitting headache every time it is mowed. This is what happened when Jon took 2 days to mow (1 for the back yard and the next day, the front). Too much dust/grass/gas stink. Ugh. I'm having headaches/dizzy feeling and nausea, again. Hopefully, this will go away soon. I even started to think I was allergic to my dogs.

Yes, I said dogs! We have a new arrival, a puggle! She is part pug and beagle. Very sweet and gentle. Thankfully, I'm 99% sure it's the grass that is irritating me (plus, I've been going on more walks and I think the pollen is a bit too high...I'll have to go to the gym). We have named her Penny (previously known at Baby). We really like her and my gals adore her. They are excited to make her outfits and paint her toenails (sorry Mr. Nelson). It's nice having a female dog as you can do a lot more dress up with her. Very cute! :)

I walked them (I know I should wear a mask or something) around the block and they were thrilled. They get along so well, I didn't think it would be that good, honestly. Of course, it's only the 1st day...1.5 days. We might make May 20th her birthday (if I can't find out her b-day from the vet). She seems very spring like and happy to be here. :) I'm glad we were chosen to be her new caretakers/family. :)

Pics will be coming soon. I also like that she reminds me of a fave TV show we would watch..."Wishbone". Do you remember that one? It was on PBS and was about a dog (beagle, I believe) that would solve historical mysteries. Really cute and sweet. She's not the same color, but her size and sweet attitude remind me of that character dog.


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