New things

Well, let me just start off by saying, we've been getting a lot, A LOT, of rain. It's beautiful and refreshingly warm, thankfully. Plus, it's making my yard so green! I love the feel of everything, even if it's a bit muddy out. Of course, the sun peaked out for a bit when Mr. Nelson and I went for a walk. It was really funny as Mr. Nelson was sniffing a bush and a squirrel came right up to us. I thought, oh, no...don't you dare think I'm a tree. It scurried away once it had a good look at me. Being tall can be fun at times! lol

Well, one of the many nice things having my mom visit us is sharing ideas. She showed me a lot of her fave blogs and one is all all sorts. I really like it and will have to add her to my blog list. Plus, I found another blog on allsorts called Sassy Radish. 99% about recipes and people who enjoy the food stuff. Yum! There is a really cute picture of her little boy (I assume) and reminds me of my kiddo. I really like the way she photographs everything too...very in the moment and use of natural light.

This reminds me of my dream I had. I dreamt I put my camera in a big clear glass of water and was very annoyed that I did this. I pulled it out and said, "Please work, I'll let you dry out, just work". I was very upset. In fact, I felt so sad about it, I'm laughing now as I know my camera is fine and was not put in water. I was really freaking myself out about that one.

Another new thing I'm trying out is working with my church. We're going to have VBS (vacation bible school) and I'm on a team to make the decorations. We went over things last night and got to meet some wonderful people. I think we'll be able to do a lot of fun stuff. I just wish my surgery was over and I could really relax and enjoy this. But everyone knows and is not pressuring me in the least. :)

I truly feel blessed to be around such wonderful people. It's a good feeling to know you're in the right place, finally, and not feel lost or alone. I have this vague memory of Charlie Chaplin staring inside a home, wishing he could be inside...that's how I used to feel about finding the right church. :)


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