New Artwork!

Hi, there!
Lots of new artwork on my eBay site! Take a look! I've been painting owls, guinea pigs, mice and lots more! With Spring arriving, there is A LOT of inspiration. I'm thinking of doing a flower series and some other critter's as well. :)

Lots has been happening since my mom has come to help me out with everything. I've been teaching her how to use eBay as well and she's helping with childcare. When I have my surgery, it will be a big blessing having her here. Thanks, Mom!! :)

I've been doing more and more artwork and finishing a lot of stuff I had put away or had to wait for better can't use certain paints indoors or with bad ventilation. So, I'm glad to get things finished and moving on to new projects.

Not too much happening...just wish we'd have more sunny days! They really keep me motivated as well as getting things done. Speaking of which, I'm nearly down with a miniature art quilt featuring a snowy owl. I'm excited by it and really think it is coming out well. :) Have a great week!


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