Mint Juleps

I'm trying my hand at Disneyland's non-alcoholic version of the Mint Julep. Supposeday, if you request one at the Cityhall of Downtown Disney, you will get one! :) I didn't have any creme de menthe, so I took a large bunch of mint (I grow my own), crushed the leaves and boiled in some water for about 20 minutes. I removed the leaves and add the mixture to at big pot of water (about 4.5 cups), added 3 cups of sugar and let it get to just about boiling. Now, I'm letting it cool. Once it is, I can refrigerate it and add about half a cup to a pitcher of water and some lemon/lime extract. Should be good! I need to make some ice to go with and a leaf on the cup. :) A good warm day drink for everyone. :)


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