Mailing out a submission

I've finally packed a box of submissions for a design company I'm interested in. I hope it is accepted but if not, I'm submit more work. :)

I've been finishing up lots of projects and will probably be able to start some new things. It's a matter of getting it all done, I suppose. Today was a great day...full of finishing up's, finding some unfinished objects (UFOs) and so forth. Plus, I cleaned the bathroom and did lots of laundry, dinner, kid watching and hanging out with my mom. :) Good stuff.

The only downside of the day is, our bathroom. For some time, I had thought we had a "ghost". There was a mysterious water patch in the bathroom. Well, it's not a ghost but a leaky pipe, I suppose. I think it has something to do with the wax ring in the toilet...all disturbing, either way. I'm annoyed and we might have to get a plumber out to fix this annoyance before it becomes a disaster!

So, all in all, most of today was good. I even picked a huge bunch of grass for our piggie dears. They are happy. Plus, it's Friday!! Have a great weekend!


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