Had a nap

Feeling better! I forgot to dry my hair this morning and got a headache. Happens EVERY time! lol At least I know I'm predictable.

Need to do a few things but want to sit for 5 more minutes...

Nearly done with both posters for the VBS and then they're off tonight for set up. I'll be working on the tarp for the background scene with my art team. Should be good!

It's too bad I fell asleep...missed some sunshine. Oh, well. :) Glad there is some warmth and rain.

I was feeling blah about the upcoming surgery but feel better now. I guess I was grumpy. There was a lot of medical stuff to go over yesterday and I was overwhelmed by it all, I guess.

Well, I'm off to gather supplies, take care of the kiddos and breath a bit. Oh, and glad that my eldest's teacher was all right w/the animal project (L. forgot to tell me about, apparently!) lol!


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