God, Da--, Dog

These words hung in the air...why was he barking a frenzy...Harrison just threw up all over the floor and I'm trying to scoop it before Nelson, our dog, decided to give it a try. My mom ushers the dog out and he starts barking bloody hell. I'm trying to clean off an awkward ball toy in the sink and curse loudly to the window. Then, I hear the doorbell. The DOORBELL! ARGH! I think, no. My mom shakes her head...now, your in for it. Cursing like a sailor...argh! I yank some hair out of my pony tail and decide to go for the half crazed look...might as well fit my potty mouth.

I go the door and sheepishly look outside. Thank the stars, the person(s) left and only put a flyer in the door handle. I take it. It's for the Baptist church on 4th street. Oh, the shame.


Well, besides screaming out foul language the deacon came by from our church to help with a computer program...we didn't get it going but he was so nice to help spend an hour tryig. I feel even more badly. I need to remember to be patient and take a deep breath. I guess everyone does have an oopsie moment. I seem to be Queen of this.

I'm debating trying to make a pizza quiche. Will it work? Will it be worth the work? Will the children eat all the work? I do not know. Do I dare? I have tatter tots just in case and boca burgers.


One thing I'm feeling blessed to have is access to jazz. I feel like it's a total blessing...Julie London singing "Cry me a river". So nice and captures a bit of my earlier embarrassment.


Was supposed to go to an art opening in Hollidaysburg, Art4. But I don't know how I'm feeling now. Cleaning up kid barf sort of makes you just want to lay down


We're finally getting car stuff taken care of, thank the Good Lord. It just seems to take so long and I just want it all finished for once. We've been procrastinating the whole inspection but it's a-okay. :)


There was some family illnesses. Prayers are needed and I want to put a request for my dear family friend and adopted grandma, Joyce. She's in big need for prayer.


Well, it's time to check on some dinner stuff and attempt the pizza quiche. There was a minor family complaint but so minor, it was sort of like, why even mention it? I just felt bad that it was even complained about and I was blamed.

Anyway, there was a tragedy in the small animal kingdom that reigns in my backyard. Some wild bunnies didn't make a cold snap or else their mama didn't come back to them for whatever reason. It makes me sad to think of it. I know there are many sweet buns out there but it's always sad to see such innocent frozen for all time. May God bring the back to be reborn as happy wild rabbits, safe in some woods far from danger.


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