It's funny. I never really watch TV, just Ghost Whisperer and Medium on Friday nights (if it's not too scary and the kids are asleep). However, when my mom came over to visit she started mentioning shows that she likes. My mom is sort of an encyclopedia of TV shows. She can name various story lines from way back...esp. Twin Peaks and shows that have a mystery bent to them. Lately, she's into the murder mysteries that crop up late at night...thus, inducing nightmares for me if I stay up and watch with her.

She does love comedies as well. I've enjoyed learning about a few like "In the Middle" and "Modern Family"...welcoming-ly humorous with a twist of wit. But the crème de la crème, has to be Glee. Mom had mentioned it and I was like, well, I don't know. Then, my sister was like, it's pretty good even with some annoying characters. And I was like, maybe I'll take a look. Then, folks at my church were all, Glee is great! And I was like, oh, let me see what the heck it's about. So, I watched (thankfully, a gal posted a link on facebook). I was like, okay, that was pretty good...sort of tasty and filling. But whatever. Then, I kept watching and really, really liked the coach character (brass, a bit of sass and that inner turmoil stuff makes for some very good TV depth) and her love of Madonna, well, that just was perfect (I love Madonna!). Now, I want to get the first season on DVD. I tell you, my mom really does know good writing and will give something a chance to percolate. So, now I'm addicted to Glee. Great. I guess there must be a soundtrack with the singers on it, somewhere...


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Yes.. One of my older nieces (24yrs) told me "Oh you just have to watch Glee!!" At the time the second season hadn't begun. I went to Hulu (free!!) and watched the last six episodes of the first season. I was HOOKED! Then I impatiently waited for April for the current season! I love all of the characters. Though .. must admit Sue the cherrio coach makes me laugh the most!!
Isn't it great!? :) The coach is so flagrantly self centered; just hilarious!
Isn't it great!? :) The coach is so flagrantly self centered; just hilarious!

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