Have a Happy Easter, everybunny!

It's nearly the weekend! The kids have tomorrow off and we will thus start our 1 day Spring break. I still can't believe it's only 1 day. The other day was taken off to make up for a snow day. I think it's a pretty rotten deal when you only get 1 day off for Spring break. Can someone tell me why? Is it just an Eastern thing? I have memories of having a week off in the West. So very odd that over here it's just 2 days, bascially. I know they sandwich it around the weekend, but still...it's just too short. I'll stop complaining now.

The weather is warming up to the 70's...I can hardly believe it! I've taken advantage of this and am painting a few house items (desks, etc) outside. It's a nice feeling to get things painted up.

We're also getting ready to go on our CA trip. I can hardly wait to see family and friends. :) Maybe we'll have a stow away too! hehehe

It feels so odd to be leaving just when everything is getting ready to bloom and look gorgeous. Plus, I'm finally getting to see everyone after being hidden away from foul weather...and now, we're dashing off. Oh, well.

I have a little walker now and it's really, really hard to do ANYTHING. lol But it's well worth it even when he taps on my keyboard and things go missing on there. Oh, well. It's all fun and thankfully, he still takes his nap. So, I'm lucky in that sense.

So, if all goes as planned, I'll be updating along the road next week and hopefully be able to share some pics too.

Have a great Easter and Holy week!


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