Busy bees~

I'm nearly ready (yeah, right) to go on our trip across the good ol' USA. We're driving with 3 kiddos and then, will be bringing back grandma for a little visit with us all. Will we be able to stand each other after all of this? AH! I think so...it's going to be interesting and fun.

The bags are packed but I think we're taking way too much junk...that is me...I'm packing the bags. I have no idea what the weather is going to be like...at least I whittled down the winter coats. Oh, boy.

I'm just freaking out a little...deep breath. The pets will be all right and I just need to focus on getting through each day.

Today is my eldest gal's birthday! Happy day to you, my sweet dear! We brought cupcakes to her class and I hope she enjoys that with the kids. :) :) She wants a fancy dinner, so we'll do that too.

It is really odd that we are going back right now as this is the time of year when we first arrived in PA...a few days after Lydia turned 1 year old! Amazing how fast the time flies; too fast.

I think we'll be fine and get things moving...I'm going to try and reduce some of the luggage;4 bags seems way too much. I just want to make sure we're comfortable but if you can't get the car out of the driveway, maybe it's time to rethink things.

I'm so excited to see everyone...my brothers, sister-in-law, aunts/uncles, family and friends and so much more. I just hope we have the energy to do a few things and then some. I also hope there are no earthquakes during this time. Pray for us and all those in the area.

Have a lovely day!


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