I'm thankful the weather is starting to warm up, finally. I started to have worrying thoughts that we might be stuck in a Kurt Vonnegut novel where everyone is frozen. But, it was just a fear and spring is shaking everything up by giving us blessed warmth. I even saw the sprouts of Hyacinth poking little light green shoots out of the damp blackened earth. Beautiful. The kids were amazed and happy. Next, melt all the snow in the front and allow our tulips to pop up. I want to plant more this year (it has to be done in the fall). Last year, I was too busy to do anything.

We have a lot of exciting ideas to do. Besides going to CA to visit family, we are going to expand our garden and just make our yard, more fun and exciting. Basically, I don't want any grass...or very little of it. I want lots and lots of flowers, fruit trees and raised vegetable beds. If I can do a little of this, I will be very pleased.

This weekend went by MUCH too fast. I was saddened because it seems like the time just danced about us and it's already Monday. We did do a lot of things. I pulled out all this junk from the garage (for some reason we had a tone of empty cardboard boxes, I don't know why). Jon is impressed with my sorting ability and I'm getting a pile of things to donate to the thrift stores. I'm glad to have space in there.

The sun was beating down but it was still cold and we kept wanting to go outside. Jon now has a head cold...this is actually what I have too. So, we got it together, I guess. We also went to see the local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was really good and the kids watched the whole thing. Only 1 tantrum from Harry. Church was great. I had to teach Sunday School but it was only my 2 kiddos, so not a stresser. Still, it was kind of funny to do this by my self. Oh, well.

We did some shopping for sunglasses. We needed this as the sun reflecting off the snow, really hurts your eyes. So, this was nice. I also found a sun hat for me! I'm very pleased as it actually fits my noggin.

Otherwise, a productive outside sort of day.It's supposed to get up to the 50's for several days today...what a relief. Maybe this time next week, we'll have flowers! :)

I need to do some's so hard to do anything when you want to go outside to either clean or just have fun. It is muddy and messy but after all that cold I'm thankful for this. :)

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
e. e. cummings


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