Sunny Sunday!

Hope everyone is out and about having fun! We've got gorgeous weather and then, possibly some rain. I'm glad as it will help all the tulips popping up in my yard.

I'm going to do a little yard work in a bit and then some more artwork. After all the paintings I did, I had some new ideas sketched out. I can hardly wait to start. I'm doing more of the ideas I've been wishing to try out...and now that the weather is warmer, it makes it easier to dry/finish my projects. I just wish I'd get more sunlight in the basement. It's very tempting to drag everything outside.

I did manage to finish up some miniature quilts, so I'll take pictures of those. I even hung them on the wall (a miracle). It's nice to have a little time to do some work.

Also, I'm getting ready for our trip to California! It's official that we are going and I can hardly wait. I have to make a reservation for the J. Paul Getty Museum and make plans w/the family to meet up. I can hardly wait.

We're watching "The Thin Blue Line" with Rowan Atkinson. It's cute but a little more risque then I remember. Jon fell asleep. Oh, well.

Anyway, I'm really glad to see my tulips peaking out of the leaves. Soon, they will have buds. They better not bloom while we're away. That would be VERY annoying.

I feel my allergies kicking in already. I'm such a weakling. It's 1000 times better than it used to be, but they are still there.

Well, I want to work on my peonies outside. We left church earlier (usually stay for coffee) but I felt funny in the tummy. Feeling better now; just need to watch the dairy. Is there a substitute for calcium, though? I'll have to research that.

Have a great day!


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