I still have a cold. Annoying but I do think it's getting better...or else have the oven warming up the house, does make me feel better. I guess all the cold/rain/wind would make it harder to feel comfortable.

I'm baking more banana bread. I thought it would be nice for the kids to come home to after a cold day of rain outside. I finally got my rain boots delivered to today but I'm sad as they are too tight in the calf. If Jon doesn't want them, I will trim open the back and they will fit better. Maybe, I'll just do that even if Jon wants them! lol

I did more art in the studio today. Little by little, I'm getting back into my groove. It's hard with the time change and feeling sick still. I had a long lull because of the kids getting better and all that goes with this. But I'm feeling better. Plus, the TV my sis-in-law gave us has a VCR in it and I get to watch all MY favorite films...Room with a View, Woman in White, lots of classical/Victorian films which I love! :)

I still need to finish up my swap and I think it's evolving nicely. I just wish I had more energy to do all that I want. It can be daunting to have ideas run through your head and no time to do it. But as I mentioned earlier bit by bit gets the job done.

Oh,dear...I just learned my hubby got his car towed and had to pay $90 to get it back! Talk about a mean monopoly game! I hope he learned his expensive lesson. :(

Anyway, now I HAVE to get off my butt and get some art on eBay. This has motivated me to make more art and get it listed/sold. :) Wish me luck.


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