How'd it get so late??

It's 11:30pm...chatting with a good friend and next thing you know, an hour went by. Good grief. It's worse with my sister/mom...we can easily eat up 3 hours in one sitting.

Jon is now officially sick. Poor baby, seems to have the flu and all the unpleasantness of it all. It happened just like think you're all done with the cold/flu stuff and then, bam! It hits you as if you never had the flu before...painful.

I was so excited about him trying banana bread too. I made about 4-5 loaves (we're down to 3...the kids LOVE it). He couldn't eat one bit. :(

I feel guilty as I was feeling better and feel like all my germs attacked him. I hope he'll feel up to himself tomorrow.

The kids finished up their project on the subject they wanted to learn about for the Learning Fair at school. I'm so proud of them. They worked really hard and I have to say, the paintings they did came out really sweet. I have to take photos of it. It's entirely from recycled materials too...cardboard covered in gesso with rolled magazine pages for the frame. Really cute. :) I was a bit frustrated because Jon was upstairs throwing up and the baby was in the play pen (playing, thankfully...not crying) but it all came out well. I need to take a chill pill, I think.

Anyway, it's late and I'm sleepy and I have to do a few things still (more laundry). I'd rather curl up in bed and I will in about 10 minutes. I just let the dog out, too.

I did finally get to start a few projects I've wanted to try, so that was good. Tomorrow promises to be warmer and sunnier. Hopefully, walking weather. :)Have a good day!


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