I have tried the "staining" with tea stuff and it's true, it doesn't work that good on synthetic materials. Oh, well. I'm going to try shoe polish next. Yes, I said shoe polish. I got it from this "beat up your handmade goods" on-line store. Well, it's not actually called that...primitive look, or something of that nature. I forgot the name...But it all goes with that old fashioned, grunge, stitchpunk look. I recently found out about stitchpunk...or I have known about it for some time but it finally has a name. It is that look of Tim Burton's "Sally" from Nightmare before Christmas and of the movie "9". Just saw the movie, btw, it was really good and kept me guessing. I hope the director/creator does more soon! :)

Anyway, I LOVE this look and want to try it out. Some of my fave artists on-line have this great vibe going on. I have to source them...they are really terrifce and the feel is so original/fresh. Plus, it's fun to do and you never know what you'll get until you try.

I did the staining thing once with walnut but didn't use hot enough water. I then baked the dolls (not a good smell, mind you). I did get an interesting look but didn't know how to progress to the next stage. So, I've been researching and a lot of artists do the staining pre-stuffing. This is what I need to remember for next time.

It's all good as it's fun and I can do it while I fed the babykins. :)Plus, I did a crock pot meal for tonight. I am SO sick of making dinner every freaking night. And now that Jon is sick, I have to do the dishes too. :( So, I was feeling a bit frazzled.

Today is a different story. I do need to get my ear checked (I think there might be an infection) and it's bothering me (dizziness). So, I'll probably do that tomorrow. blah

I hope my family is all right with the earthquake they just had in CA. Scary! I hope that is it for earthquakes for some time.

Otherwise, a nice sunny day, again! Hope you get out there and go walking. :)


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