A day of sunshine

It's sunny and the air has warmed up after a touch of frost. I was outside hacking, trimming back, the lilacs and mix of plants in the hedge. I feel sort of out of breath and I hope there wasn't anything I was too allergic to out there. I tried to do some trimming before everything went crazy and bloomed on me. I'm just glad I did some work. It's probably just my head cold/ear infection.

I think I did sprain my wrist a little and that is annoying. Plus, I got pricked by several rose thorns. I hate that.

Anyway, our yard looks so nice. It's sunny and all the hay we threw everywhere makes it look golden and perfect (not muddy and brown). I'm glad we got the hay and spread it about. It really makes the yard happy. There are still dog spots I have to clean up. However, it's primarily good for the kids to play on. :)

I'm tuckered out from the sun/trimming and spraining my wrist. I can hear a little fellow waking up from his nap and I feel tired. Darn.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday. Saturday is the first day of SPRING!! :) Woo hoo!

I've got to get a few things organized...hopefully, get ready for the trip to CA and what nots. It's such a gorgeous day. Hope you enjoy it! :)


Anonymous said…
Oh I don't know where in CA you are heading.. but boy oh boy our weather up north has been dream like. Today (3/18) it was 79 in the afternoon and right now at 1050pm it's 54 out. So be sure to dress in layers while you are visiting. Have a great time!!
Thank you, Bridget!! :) I'm going to be in Southern California (near the Glendale area). My family is spread out around there. I'll definitely dress in layers. 79 degrees sounds SO relaxing!

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