day by day

Sounds like a soap opear but when you're trying to feel better, that is exactly how you approach it. I'm fortunate it's just a stomach flu (though, it was one of the worst ones in quite some time). I feel badly that my kids all went through this (Harry got diarehea and a fever)...but it seems we are slowly starting to get better. Norrie had double ear infections. Poor baby was really in pain the other night. Drops and antibiotecs are helping.

It snowed last night, or early this morning. Beautiful and white definied amazing. I ran outside (I wore my winter coat, mom) and took pics. I will have to download a few.

I feel tired from being sick, still but am getting my energy back. I can tell because I started to have a lot of ideas about art creations. It's funny how I start to feel down (I guess everyone feels like that when they are healing/feeling ill/etc) and think, it's all useless, why bother? Then, suddenly the clouds part and lightening or sushine flashes in and wow! Ideas start to flurry so quickly it takes all you can do to want to hold onto them and jot them on paper. My favorite way to inspire myself, and I know this sounds funny, is by getting ready to take a nap/go to sleep and start thinking of an artist who is great and amazing. This often leads me to imagining a sensationally creative works that I actually get jealous of. Usually, they are abstract, don't ask me why. It's the colors and feel that I get from this sort of focused inspires me to no end. :)

What gets your imagination following? Do you create in color? Do you dream in ROY G BIV?


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