A bit of this and that~

Well, it was confirmed...I've got an ear infection. I thought so (feeling dizzy, ear pain, grumpy, headaches, etc, etc). I'm back on antibiotics (yuck) and there is talk of ear tubes...I'm totally for this. I'd rather get an operation and reduce this problem, not have to take meds (as much) and possible get my hearing back. VERY frustrating not to hear. I miss conversations and my kids get annoyed at me because I'm always asking them to repeat. So, I'd be happy to do something that helps me be a better me. :)

Anyway, it seems we are going to go ahead with our trip to Southern California. I know I always say something like "it seems". I just get nervous because I don't want to jinx it. I'm superstitious, I guess. Sigh...

The weather has been really good lately. Hovering in the 60's, it feels like heaven! I hear it's warmer in CA and I'll probably get heat exhaustion, but that's all right.

This year seems like things are feeling so differently. I don't know why. Maybe it's having a 3rd child, having more time, the kids being in public schooling (we love it!), or what but I feel like there is more possibilities and good things happening. Isn't that funny? I know a lot of people are going through rough times, but I have been there, and I know it can be gotten through. It's a matter of taking it day by day, adding to your skills and expanding your choices with a touch of flexibility. Definitely worth it. It doesn't hurt to have some positive quotes to hold onto.

When I was younger and would ride the bus in Los Angeles, I had a little pouch. In my pouch were slips of paper with quotes that were important to me and gave me courage. I would put my hand on it and feel so much better and stronger. It's a good thing to have things like this in your hand and mind so you feel like you can face the world.


On another note, it's a little funny today. I woke up feeling blah and icky tummy wise. When I went downstairs, the house was even messier then when I left it. I was annoyed because I feel asleep at 7:30pm and nobody picked up anything. I started complaining to Jon and he would counter with logical reasoning. This only makes me angrier and more frustrated. Basically, I ended up saying sounds like you've comforted your self with logic. I admit I was being snarky plus, I did say, I was glad I got my self flowers (the girls brought home the daffodils I ordered from school). I was trying to be a bit self pitying. lol I won't try to justify this...when you feel like this, you just want to be a baby. Anyway, I felt bad and sent him an email about saying sorry... We're silly. :)


We've been spending more time outside. I love that we put hay all over the yard (keeps the mud down and it looks golden in the sunlight). The annoying thing is, I think this is why I've been having trouble breathing so much. I'm allergic to grass and the hay is grass. Crazy me. I will still go outside...I really don't like having allergies. Maybe I should wear a mask...this actually might help.

Well, besides doing my art illustrations, I'm wrapping up several critters for a swap. I'm going to take pics once I attach the legs and arms. I'm really having fun with these guys. Plus, the tea stain actually stayed on! I thought for sure it would melt away but it's there! Cool! Maybe I'll take my sewing outside.

Yesterday, I got so carried away with listing artwork on eBay, that I nearly missed pick up of the kids. Thankfully, Harry had just woken up (he had that bug eyed look of a just woken baby) and I ran outside in my slippers. So funny! We were on time (more, actually). I was late yesterday (or they were early) and I felt guilty. I'm usually 10 minutes early.

Life is funny and oh, so wonderful when it's Spring! Have a fabulous Friday, everyone! :)


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