weekend blur

When you've got a sick kid (or a couple of sick kids, or a loved one or pet that is sick) all you can do is tend to the sick and try to keep things in order...as much as possible. That pretty much sums up my weekend. With Miss L throwing up all over, Saturday was lost to clean up/scrubbing/washing. Thankfully, the washer is installed and only over flowed 3 times (the pipe going to the dirty water was too loose...seems to be solved now). We tried to play in the snow (while some of the little ones were resting) but it didn't work yesterday as it was too cold and I got stuck in a 4 foot drift! That was interesting and kind of scary, actually. You sure do get cold fast. I can see how people can really get in trouble with that.

Today was much different...mostly, just cranky/emotional...mostly, from the Miss E. She was jealous that we got Miss L a sick present and demanded one for herself. Basically, I just said no and it didn't take well. But they have to have a limit.

Anyway, we came home and built something like 7 snow creature type things. We need to add something to it but I'm too tired to walk through the snow. What a workout! I have the urge to do something Calvin and Hobbe's-ish but maybe not. We shall see.

Church was great! We were a little late as we were watching the kids make pretzels. Later, we had mustard and cheese to dip in. Very cute and it made the church smell really good. :)

The kids and daddy left to go to auntie's house for dinner. I'm staying with Mr. H as he is still napping. Maybe I will too. I probably should be more active but just feel sleepy.

I can hardly believe it's going to be Easter soon. How did the time go by so quickly? Plus, we're supposed to go to CA soon. We have a few things to work out and then, all should be mapped out soon enough. Mostly, I'm wondering about the possible hysterectomy. So, we shall see.

Hope every one had a good weekend. I have paintings to work on and things to do, but a nap is calling me...whispering in my ear.


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