Today is Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is about repenting and starting of Lent. I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat meat and had 2 hamburgers for lunch. I am ashamed. I will try to be better and not eat meat till Friday (I think this is right). I feel guilty but I really didn't know and the hamburger finally defrosted in the fridge and had to use it. Well, I put the rest back in the freezer.

It's interesting to understand all these new traditions and rituals. Jon knows most of these by heart because of his Catholic, I'm stumbling along being Protestant and all. Maybe I shouldn't have said I accidentally had hamburgers...oh, well. I don't think God will mind.

What I'm trying to limit and am trying to encourage to grow is patience and not loosing my temper. This is a big issue with me as this winter has been so long/hard, I tend to blow up easier. So, I'm trying to count to 10, pray more often and meditate when I feel like yelling. Going for walks and moving more, helps too. That being said, I also am trying to not be on the internet too much as I can easily forget time. So, I give myself 10-15 minutes on here instead of a few hours. It makes blogging a bit tricky, but I have to do it.

On another note, our washer broke and we have to get another one. I'm feeling tired at the thought. We may go tonight and look around. Besides having church, there is a cool even w/animals at the Hollidaysburg Library...might be interesting to check out, if we have time.

Well, I've got to sort some clothing to wash at my in-laws(they're letting me use their washer, till our new one comes). It's going to be a joy to heave 20 pounds of dirty and we laundry, through the snow. :P I'm going to only do 2-3 loads for the socks and underwear.


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