Sunny day!

Today is amazingly sunny. It almost feels I've been in a dark room or cave for a bit and it's too much light! lol.

I want to complain about a few things...but I feel it would really come back and bite me (as in it's people I deal with on occasion). I guess I'm carrying them on my back. I will just say I don't like it when people are petty and don't trust other people. Without naming names, the problem was when there was a group meeting a couple of months ago that I went to. When I went to get my supplies back, the person acted like I was trying to steal things. I was like, what in the heck? She totally didn't believe that I brought my own things and waited for her buddy to verify what was theirs, etc.

I felt doubly insulted because I did a lot of FREE things for the group and I was treated poorly. I know they are cheap (I brought in some shirts that were good quality and got back too really cheap/thin shirts for the project), but non-trusting too? It makes me feel bad because I don't want to deal with such ugly people. It makes me start wondering about their they not like me because I'm a different religion (BIG possibility), because I'm from a different part of the country, have gone to college, or what? It rubs me the wrong way and I try to forgive them, but I get this icky feeling that they are not nice. I wonder if they do this to a lot of people or just me.

I do like a few people in the group, but is it worth it to be around such anally fixated types? I'm going to chalk it up to their being control freaks and let it go, for now. I hope it won't happen again because it was really uncool. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I was so surprised by it...just the whole lack of trust/jerky attitude.

Anyway, maybe I'm a snob and just want everyone to be like me...or something. I know that isn't going to happen, and I don't want it to, either. Next time, I will make it a point to address that attitude and not let it go. I don't think I'm a saintly Buddhist to forgive at the drop of a hat, but I'll keep trying.

Well, one thing is, it gave me something to talk about. And it reminds me that people are flawed and can be quite stupid at times. Such is the human condition...however, we really do need to work harder at being kinder. That is my belief about life. Being kind and teaching people to be kind is magic.

Someone who reminds me of this is one of my neighbors...she is always helpful and tries to embrace everyone...regardless of failings or flaws. I'm glad there are good people to balance out the petty/cheap ones. I've seen this in lots of the people I go to church with and lots of the wonderful people I've met over the years and on the Internet. I do feel lucky to know so many good people. So, all in all, people are generally good...and there is always room for improvement (esp. me!).

Next time, I'm going to have my name written on all my supplies because apparently, people have issues. That is their problem and I will protect myself from their stupidity. :)


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