Sun and snow and slippery streets

Well, I survived having the kids home for 6 days...all of them had colds/runny noses and were grumpy (including me). I really have to learn to manage my irritable feelings. It's hard to do when you feel trapped in the house. Plus, the laundry machine finally stopped working (there was a clog that is only half unclogged...the repair guy is coming today).

I was supposed to go and get a check up at the dentist, but I really don't know how my in-laws would park since they would have to come down and watch Harry. The parking space we have is really small because of the snow. I think I might go out there and shovel it a bit. It makes it hard to even walk. We got about 2-3 inches last night which doesn't help.

I feel tired from all this snow/kid watching and so on. The good thing is the sun is out and it's making the world seem less drab.

We were so stir crazy yesterday, we trimmed Mr. Nelson's hair (our dog). It was one of the best trims we've done in ages...we used a muzzle and he was very well behaved (this from the dog that does "alligator rolls"). It was shocking how different he behaved. I got about 80% of the matts out and he actually looks decent. :)

Well, I guess I better go and shovel. I did some house chores as I thought the in-laws were coming over but as I rescheduled, I've got some time to muddle around. Let's all home the washer gets fixed and I can start whittling down the 7 huges piles of laundry...I need clean socks!!

Have a great Tuesday! Thank the good Lord the kids are back in school and we can go back to a somewhat normal routine.


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