Studio time

After a long and stressful day, I finally made it to my studio. As soon as the kids were tucked into bed, I went downstairs and starting pulling out stuff from the shelves and boxes. Jon was at his second job, so I had about 45 minutes before he got home to sort/organize. My goal is to donate stuff I haven't used (or have lost favor for me)and throw out things that need to be thrown out. It's not that hard once I found my momentum. I got 2 trash bags so far and 2-3 donation bags. There is more to conquer and I know it's getting easier since I've designated various spots for certain projects (paper mache,painting,sewing). I notice the key factor is shelving and lighting. This helps tremendously as you know what is there and if it can really be used for my work.

I don't mind if my studio space isn't's not supposed to be. What I do mind is having space to work and not feeling oppressed by stuff. My goal is to have things fairly organized and easy to maintain. Child friendly would be good too (there is space for the kids to create as well). Anyway, it's coming along better than I expected. :)

I do want to make some curtains to "hide" my mess or at least make it less distracting for me (and give the light something to bounce off of and not look so dark in there). This will be my next sewing project, I think.

Well, I feel tired. Jon is home, folding laundry and I just finished washing a huge pile of dishes (and they are still not completely done). I made 2 batches of cookies as well...Russian Tea Cookies and Peanut butter. My eye is twitching...a sure sign of time to sleep. Tomorrow is a 2-hour delay for school...possible, snow day. I think I may have to finally buy the kids snow suits. I didn't realize kids wear them instead of two pairs of sweats. I guess I still need to learn a few things about the cold weather.

Have a great/safe/warm night and good day tomorrow!


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