Snow day (daze)

I'm not flexible. I think I really love routine and all this snow is throwing me off my flexible schedule. I am annoyed.

The kids are home for a snow day...which isn't bad, but it is when your husband can't decide whether to risk going out to work late (which he did) or stay home with us. So, now I have to worry about him. I'm also annoyed because he dropped a full plate of peanut butter cookie, to the delight of our dog.

Otherwise, I got the cranky baby kiddo down for a much needed nap. He was off his routine too...which exhausts me.

A really good thing is I found the blog I really like called Twinkle Pink. I like it for the artsy stuff but mostly, I LOVE her music selections for an upbeat feel. Just a good get up and get going feel. I wish I had whole house stereos to hear it in my basement or on the 2nd floor. That would be fun! :)

I've got to make more lunch as these picky creatures that live with me won't eat the chicken soup I made. I should let them starve but that might be considered creature endangerment. They've been stuffing themselves on the last of the peanut butter cookies that didn't fall on the floor...sigh.

gotta go for now!


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