Sleepy baby

I'm feeling kind of happy right now. Got some over due shopping done...nothing fancy, just trash bags and some supplies I wanted to get for the Girl Scout thing tonight. I'm doing a simple demonstration on how to do paper mache. We had to go to Weis market as they are the only place that carries my beloved Liquid Starch. The other supermarkets,apparently, have stopped selling that as they think it is "old fashioned" and useless. VERY ANNOYING. It isn't old fashioned as it can be used for other things such as safe art crafts for kids (and us older kids). :) I can order a big batch (like a huge crate) of Liquid starch but I'd rather pick it up at the market. Of course, everyone was cooing over Harry. I don't mind it but some times people we start to touch his face/hands and that makes it a bit uncomfortable...babies + germs = not good. Usually, it's not a problem but then there are those who just have to touch. Thankfully, I carry some liquid hand sanitizer and rub him down in the car. I learned that from an art professor who had traveled to Egypt years ago w/his kids. People kept touching the kids and saying how beautiful, etc. Then, he'd wait till they left and rub them down with a rag and alcohol. Apparently, they were the only ones not to get intense stomach flu. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I need to get some photos downloaded on here and share some updates of the kids, etc. I wasn't feeling too good yesterday. I had forgotten to take my vitamins and felt low in energy. Today is much better. :) So, I should be able to not feel too out of sorts. I did upload a new blog on my altoonamirror blog, The Art Cafe. If you've got some time, check it out.

Now, I will finish prepping for the Girl Scout demonstration I'm going to do and hopefully, get some art of my own done as well. I should do some chores, but that can wait. :)


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