Sick kiddos

This has been (and still is, apparently) the week of all sick tummies for the kids. Geez! I feel so sad they are all sick...throwing up, runny noses and bottoms...the works. I wish there was a spray to take away all the yuckies and make them feel better. Instead, we've got them some sick presents and hopefully they remain free of barf. Poor guys.

I surprised we're safe, we grown-ups, that is. I've been washing everything, so that must be why as well as trying to scrub down the fort. It seems like they have been sick for the last 2 weeks. SO ANNOYING.

I have a swap to think about and I need to write to my swap partner of Halloween Fanatic (Hi, Robert~ if you're reading this, you now know why I haven't been doing much blogging). Mostly, trying to clean and carry laundry upstairs...sigh. Depressing but it does seem to be running it's course, thank the stars.

When I do take a breather, I found out from Carolee of King of Mice, there is a movie called "Who does she think she is?" It's about artists and mothers (and fathers, I would think as well) who create or try to create art in-between the mad hatter party of life with children. It's an incredibly hard balance and often you feel something has to give before one can do the other. It's a constant struggle and this film seems to be an eye opener. I can hardly wait to see it and hopefully, it gives insight as well as some good advice. I plan on doing an article on this for my blog at the Altoona Mirror (our local paper). It's so needed esp. for any art group to understand women and the roles of women in society.

Boy, it feels good to write here and share something art wise. Now, if I have time to do some art, I'll be glad. :)


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