Looks like I'm scheduled for surgery in May (for the fibroid). We can go to CA and not have to be too concerned about all of this...and I'm not going to explode, hopefully, not. Now, I'm freaking my self out.

Anyway, I won't think about that, just get things organized for the trip and an upcoming celebration for the in-laws 50th. :) Phew! What a relief to get things resolved and know what's happening.

So, I'm excited again and not feeling anxious as I have a plan and this feels really good. :) Now, to see who will take care of which pets while we are away.

Both gals are home sick. Miss L is feeling a lot better and this is good. Miss N is still blah and hasn't eaten anything but 1 piece of toast and pedialyte. The Mr. H is sleeping and has an upset tummy too. I feel icky with a headache and just want to take a nap...though, now that I know my plan, I feel a bit more energetic.

We're supposed to get another storm. I sound like a broken record, don't I. I'm feeling annoyed about it too. The good thing is I'm doing another swap with Vivian's Bunny swap! I'm excited about this as I've never done an Easter one...I always seem to go for Halloween, Christmas or Valentines Day. Easter will be fun and it's before I leave for CA. Good timing.

I have to find out if my best friend, Caroline, is going to be in CA the same time as we are. That would be really cool to meet up there. Of course, I can hardly wait to see my family most of all.

All in all, things are going all right. A few more things to attend to (my foot has been bothering me...bunion) and I may have to put my beloved kitty Simone down (she seems to have dementia and acts strangely/pees/poos under the beds). So, this makes me sad. I guess this all keeps us balanced.

I'm so nervous about going to CA and what if things are so changed/strange? I guess we'll just have to see.


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