package mailed!

I mailed off the give away package, yesterday! Glad that is on it's way across the ocean to England. :)

It's been busy over here...what with the new washer and trying to whittle the large hill of clothing. Plus, we are having some unsettled tummies (Lydia is sick...flu, looks like) and the cats are helping by throwing up fur balls everywhere). We are gross and disgusting at the moment.

Thankfully, Jon is taking care of Miss L and her mess, while I try to keep the peace downstairs with the other two. Poor Miss L was complaining of tummy yuckies all night and said she may have over least that's what she thought. I think she was just not feeling good and even the littlest amount of food would have made her sick. Poor baby.

I thought we would try going out, but it might not fly with one of the gang down. Maybe I can sneak off with one kid and get a sick present for the other. We'll see.

I had a lot of plans for snowmen, sledding, possible skating and so on. Jon is more practical and needs to pay the mortgage and get a chest freezer (finally). I hope she feels better by tomorrow, so we can go to church, together.

I made lentil soup last night (delish!) and this meal in a box where you add some meat product and simmer for 11 minutes. It came out pretty good. We were lazy and ate around the TV and tried to watch the Olympics. But the noise/commercials made us all grumpy and we turned it off. It's irritating to watch TV with so much hollow sounds (the arena's where the sports are performed has an echo quality). Plus, most of the commercials are pretty unwholesome to watch. I know if we had Tivo, it would be nicer, but it's not free or inexpensive. Plus, do we really need to sit and watch that much TV? If we really want to see something, I can find it on the Internet or rent it on netflix. Commercial free or limited commercials.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Keep Miss L in your thoughts and she gets better soon. Hopefully, she'll feel a lot better and not feel sickie-poo too much longer.


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