One World One Heart now closed and the winner is...

This has been very exciting and I hope the winner will like the mushroom book of PA and my art. I wish I had more books to give away...I may have in the future! And I will definitely have more art to give away as well. :)

The number is 103! Jasmine has won the book and art! :) I will need to get your info (I'll be emailing you) and you'll be getting these "give away" items in the mail! :)

Thank you all for entering and it was great learning about all of your wonderful blogs as well! I hope to have more give-aways in the future, so keep an eye out over here. :)


Jasmine said…
Thank you so much, I am delighted to win. i will email you :) xJ
Emily said…
Thank you, Jasmine, for playing! I hope you enjoy everything! :)

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