New bags...

I'm thinking of getting a new purse. I haven't bought one in AGES. Basically, I've just carried around the baby bag I got from when Harry was's pretty cool looking/aero-dynamic and functional. However, I would like it to stop slipping off my shoulder when I lug the kid around and be a bit bigger. I saw a really cute one on someone's blog from was leather and huge and oh! So pretty. When we dashed through Macy's at the mall, I saw a smiliar one...gorgeous! Someone at the Girlscout troop had a light lavender leather type of purse...maybe a bit too big and purple...not my color. But it was a nice shape.

Anyway, I'm thinking and looking around for the perfect bag. I'm a bit picky about this sort of it has to be able to hold baby stuff/my stuff and have the ability to transform into a chair. Just kidding. But I'd like something that was pretty too. Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for something.

I should get off of here and download my pics. I forgot to take some pics of the swap I did for Valentines. I made a few extras and will photo those,I guess.

I tried Viv's recipe for these tasty cupcakes. Very good! :)

Now, I'm eating some lentil soup I made yesterday. I added bacon, quite good!

Have a great day! :)


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