I'm boring...

I tried to watch the game but I ended up pulling out my artwork and started painting. I was listening to it...as best as one can while painting, watching kids and trying to "stay in the zone". :)

It is crazy whiteness outside. I need sunglasses...or those neat looking eye glasses that change to dark with bright light. Wonder if they would decrease eye wrinkles...maybe.

Had REALLY good chocolate peanut butter cake at my brother-in-law's place. Really good, I might want to get a copy of the recipe. It's a bunt cake too...I don't recall ever making one.Maybe I have...will have to try now. My mom would always make bunt cakes. I miss that...she will have to make us one when we visit. :)

I have been cleaning out bits and dust blobs through out the house. How in the world did I ever get so many blobs of dust?? So much bits of this and that and yes, so many treasures? What ever will I do with it all? I have several donation bags being filled, several trash bags to go out and a few special places for things I would like to create new things/memory books, etc from. Just another reminder of how the time flies...and how things can really pile up if you don't watch out!

Speaking of which, I feel bad as I forgot to turn off the kerosene heater we have. We had to leave the relatives early and worry all the way home (for the heater and the ice). Fortunately, all was fine. But what a scary feeling...plus, the roads are HORRIBLE going into Hollidaysburg.

The snow is annoying and the ice is scary. However, if you are warm and watching it from the car, it looks sort of edible. You sort of start wishing it was cream/vanilla and sugar and you could eat it. I must have been hungry when I thought that up. :)

I started to imagine I was feeling better from my fibroid and really wouldn't need to get an operation. But I know it's not true (though I am wishing it were). I am such a big baby. I know I'll feel a lot better and I have a lot of support/love/good people who care about me. This is what matters and it will help to make it all that much easier. I guess I'm anxious as this is the week I'm getting my ultrasound...I even thought it was supposed to be last week (I guess I wanted it to be over). I hope this will clear up a lot of information I'm wondering about. I was supposed to have two ultrasounds but forgot to go (I was afraid, I know that now). Jon is coming with me, thankfully.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound anxious/annoying/jerky or whatever. I'm just venting here and I don't want to sound like I'm a big meanie. I'm mostly just trying to do the right thing. I sound like a movie clique. oh,well...

Have a great, safe week. I hope tomorrow is a snow day...probably not but maybe I'll be lucky. It is a PILL to work my dad-in-law's car (which he loaned us because our fan belt broke and is in the auto repair place). Wish me luck.


Judy said…
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