Happiness even with all the white stuff falling down

I'm thinking about the give away I'm a part of OWOH at A Whimsical Bohemian...it's just a good thing to have to do with all this snow falling. Gives you a little mental break with having to stay inside and wondering what to do. I also did another swap at Jek's place, Scrumdilldilly. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I finally did a swap. Haven't done any in some time...mostly, because of life stuff. lol I guess that's normal!

I got a package from my mom...a magazine from when Martha Stewart did the Children's mag. It's SO CUTE! Lots of great ideas and makes me sad that it isn't published anymore. I was actually sorting (finally got to it, mom) my magazines and have decided on which to keep, recycle, etc. Of course, I keep all my Victoria's, Romantic Homes, Home Companion (another sadly missed magazine)and a few selected Martha Stewarts (okay, a lot of those...even if they are ad heavy). I was looking up Home Companion and was wishing they would start publishing again...no luck, so far. But I did find out that Mary Engelbreit has her own website and blog! This was some solace considering, I do like her magazines so much. I esp. loved the articles on artist's studios. I hear there is another magazine purely dedicated to artists studios...but, honestly, it looks a bit costly. I'll have to see what it's like when I got to a book store soon.

As I mentioned, it's snowing, again. There is a special procedure for shoveling snow. You are not allowed to shovel it in the road (this is pretty obvious to me...melted snow=ice) but some people need to be reminded of this. You are supposed to stick it on your property somewhere...if you've got space, I guess. We do, however, some people don't. I know in Japan they will truck your snow out for you. Isn't that efficiently a good idea? Plus, once in Altoona, there was a HUGE snowfall and they actually took the snow and put it on the train shipping it to who knows where. I think that is hilariously smart (is hilariously a real word?). Anyway, it would be a good idea for us in the snow part of the world/trains.

Oh, if only snow were vanilla and sugar. There wouldn't be very much of it, that's for sure. Sigh...

Well, I hope everyone is safe. I have to get ready for an ultrasound (fibroids). It should all be well and good...I just like to worry. I know, shame on me. :) I'm off to do a few last things...wish we had peanut butter cookies. I may have to make some.


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