Forgot to mention...

I had a great time doing the Girl Scout activity. :) We did paper mache hearts and pins. My gals liked them very much and one is wearing her's to school. I still need to make a gift for the teachers...maybe something along this line.

I'm in the middle of reorganizing (somewhat)my studio. It's looking pretty messy at the moment but it's all good. There is nothing major...just going through what I have, don't need and want to give away. That sort of thing. The stuff you do when the weather turns a yucky cold...even though, it is BEAUTIFUL outside!

I sometimes wish there was an extra one of me...basically, the other me would make cookies and fix all the meals. I would do clean-up and laundry. Actually, a third me would do child care/tending/cleaning. It's amazing that mom's have to do so much. But that is life...

It's funny when people think of the old days (as in Victorian). Nearly everyone thinks of upper class Victorians who most likely had several maids. My great-great grandmother was a maid to a well-to-do Victorian family...she did a lot of work and was extremely talented. Before she left that job and got married, she made her wedding dress with a hundreds of tucks (the style back then). I have a picture I copied of her wearing this somewhere. So fascinating that she did all of this by hand. I believe she was the same grandmother who had a crochet business later on...or at least one of her daughters did. I need to ask my mom. It's funny because one of my great-grandmothers started her own business with her hand crafts and her sister was a teacher. My sister is a teacher and I'm do lots of handwork...amazing how things seem to be passed on.

I need to get some food stuff prepped. I'm thinking of meatballs with a Vietnamese twist. If I have enough ingredients, I'll try this. How I wish I had my mint garden right now. I'll have to wait till all this snow melts away. It's so funny to drive around with snow that is so piled high it makes you feel like you shrunk in stature. Right now, I'm driving my dad-in-laws car and the seat makes me feel like I'm in one of those huge trucks that tower over everyone on the highways. This makes it a bit better but odd too. I have a question, if you saw a family walking in the snow...a mom and two little ones, would you give them a lift? Would it be scary to offer it to them (as in scaring them...and you)? I have this debate because I often see people walking and I want to ask them if they need a lift but don't want to frighten them as well as get hurt myself. I figure they must be close to their homes...but it makes me sad passing moms/children by. I really wouldn't know what to do, honestly. Makes me wish we had a much better transportation system and even a free shuttle for folks (that was up-to-date and not an old beat up bus...I've seen those too).

Anyway, things that are going through my head. Hope you have a great day! :)


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