What's your plan?

I've decided to try and do some minor changes in the attempt to increase exercise and healthy living. I just ate a piece of cake before typing this, so, I don't know how good I'm doing right now...ahem...can it qualify as an afternoon tea type cake? I hope so.

I guess I started think it might be good to at least aim to be healthier...I usually am skeptical about all the fads/stuff to buy/etc as it's a big crazy. I walked into big name book store in January and was bombarded by yellow and black text saying to lose the fat, you fatty you. This just turns me off. If they said stuff like, be healthy while growing your own vegetable garden, I'd probably have bought that book. As it was, I ran past that section. I guess I'm a bit over senstive about that subject and don't think it needs to be broadcast as soon as you step in the door of a book store, for goodness sakes!

As it is, I do need to get fit as it will soon be hiking season and I want to be able to climb a hill and photograph the seasons. So, this is my attempt to find out what everyone finds to be successful and helpful. I hear making homemade soup is a big plus and is something I can do (since I like making soup, anyway). I plan to add more exercise by going to the YMCA and using my bike. What's your plan? Let me know as I could use the help.


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