Weather changes...

don't suit me much. I had a big ol' migraine the other day and was out for most of Saturday. Had a few things planned too, but ended up sleeping. How annoying. I feel much better today and just annoyed that I hadn't gotten a refill for my allergy meds and this is why I blew out yesterday. Again, today is a better day and that's what matters.

We are having rain at the moment. Cold rain. Jon had mentioned it was supposed to warm up to 47 degrees. So, I didn't wear my socks or a warm coat (just my warm sweater). Still, it was too cold and never even made it up to 40 degrees let alone, 47! I guess, if this is the case, I'd rather have snow than rain as rain could easily turn to ice! Yikes!

Well, we've been watching one of our favorite movies, Pom Poko by directed Isao Takahata. It's about raccoons that want to save their land from being taken away from them for development of human land. It can be a little emotional...I guess I've seen it a few times and I'm totally crying, at last.

I didn't get to list any new artwork, let alone, finish up what I had started. So, I'll be doing that this coming week. I think I may finally start using that YMCA membership as I need to get out and do some moving.

One thing I did do was a paper project where you fold the pages of a book. In my case, I did a romance novel (I have a bunch I got from freecycle). I'm going to have my gals try it out as well.

We did make it to the art store and I got some primer...want to paint a few things and needed a good base.


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