Watch out for icy paths...

That should have been our first weather was slippery outside and thankfully, Norrie pointed out the patches that were terrible. She made it safely to the gate and Lydia grabbed the salt. As I held Harry in the baby sling, I sprinkled the salt all over and it was safe to trod. It's quite an adventure just getting to our car! I've gotten better at all of this, oddly enough, and don't feel too scared though I wish I had on my yak traks when all of this happened. At least I didn't slip!

We barely made it to the van drop off. A huge moving van blocked all of 11th Street and we had to take a detour up the dreaded hill from hell. It was very scary...well, if you are afraid of heights, like me, it's VERY scary. Maybe I should live in the Midwest were there are no hills and all is flat like a pancake. That would be nice in the winter!

As it is, I try to avoid various roads in case they ice over between snowplowing and salt trucks. I do think I'm adapting,however. Even if I feel like not leaving the house, I do and it's a good thing. I'm not just staying inside where it is mostly safe.

It's been sort of a calm day otherwise. I guess if you have to do something you dread, do it first thing in the morning and the rest of the day seems pretty tame.

I'm proud to say, I did 20 minutes on my stationary bike. It felt great to move a bit and not be so constricted. We need to go to the gym to go swimming. The kids want to do this.

I'm working on a new batch of art to sell on eBay. Should be finished up soon...and I'm trying to get one project finished up. Little by little, as the saying goes. I'm nearly at the packing in the box stage...pretty good! :)

Supposedly, it's going to warm up to the low 40's by Sunday. That would be great...but 70-80 degrees would be better. My sister is complaining about how it's cold and wet in CA. 60 is not cold and I checked it out, next week it's all 70's and up! Was I ever that pathetic when I lived in CA? Probably. lol!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm, if you feel chilled. Maybe I'll make some soup.


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