That's what I've been doing for the past few days. After hearing about the huge earthquake in Haiti, I prayed, then I donated through redcross. I'm still praying...I keep thinking, this could be Southern California. This could be anywhere in the world or even where I am right now. The thing to do is pray, help and trust that each other to help. I will not watch the news or read too much about it. Because, it is too much. I will cry and hug my family and carry on. That is the thing we need to do. If we take care of ourselves, we can send more aid and have more strength for those around us and farther away from us.

For a moment, I even thought, what if this stops the war? What if this tragedy makes us think stop destroying things and start building things and repairing. I guess I'm naive but one can hope. I guess I have this idea that they will need the troops more to help people in Haiti then, blowing up things and people in Afghanistan.

That's why I carry on and pray.


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