Nothing makes you feel better

than having a good talk with a good friend. In my case, it's my mom. I don't think I tell her enough (and I hope you're reading this, mom), but I always feel 100% happier/better after talking to my mom. Even if we get into arguments (and they are far and few between, thankfully), it's a great feeling to talk to my mom. I have cold and ear infections but I feel like my spirit has soared having a talk with my mom.

I feel this way when I talk to my sis and my best girlfriend, Caroline too. It's amazing how talking to caring and loving people just makes you feel that much better. I hope you have someone to chat with and you give them a call or even an email.

Otherwise, we're doing all right...considering the 10 degree winds blowing outside. Plus, I got a phone call from my sis-in-law and they're going to give us their old TV for our basement area. It's not 100% finished down there but it's cozy and we do art in the studio and play with the guinea pigs down there. The lighting has helped quite a bit and now a TV would be fun.

Oh, and something that is VERY cool...we're getting an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood!! I can't believe it and it's on our side of town! I'm so excited! Plus, there is a Greek restaurant as well. I hope more keep coming...Food is such a wonderful way to start learning about different cultures. It's funny, the one Mexican restaurant in town gets a bunch of kids from school learning to speak Spanish. If I knew Spanish, I'd give lessons. Seems like a good side job, actually. Maybe I should learn Spanish and would be pretty cool to know these. I've never been very good at languages but it would be fun to try and learn. I'll have to think about this.

Well, I hope everyone is feeling all right. I'm listening to Lemony Snickett; A series of Unfortunate events on tape and it is very dark/scary. The movie seemed easier to digest for some reason. I do hope they make more movies of the books, however. :)


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