Lately, I've discovered a fun new way of listening to music from It not only lets you listen to favorite music but if there is any video that goes along w/it, they will share this. I LOVE this feature. I've been selecting some of my favorite classical pieces such as Bach and some opera favorites such as Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, etc. I'll probably be changing this at the end of the month...I have lot of favorites and can't wait to share them this way. :) I'm hoping to find some ballet pieces w/videos that I love.

Last night, I finally finished the silhouettes I did of our family. They came out bigger than I thought they 18 by 12 inches! So, This is going to be hard to frame. I might just prop them up on a little shelf...or on the fireplace mantel. I don't know. I'll have to take some pics. I used Chinese ink to fill them in. I got the idea from Nienie's blog. I so love that look...crisp white against enchanting black. Plus, it looks so traditional. I think my mom had one when she was a child...

I'm listening to my music selections as I type and Papageno just came on (the Magic Flute)...Mozart was just so wonderful at capturing love and passion in his characters/singers. Love it!

I'm baking oatmeal cookies w/raisins and chocolate chips. I think the raisins would have been enough. I made each cookie smaller than usual as this, I think is key if you use both chips/raisins. Otherwise, it's just too much.

I was looking on-line for my favorite supplier of Asian art supplies and was saddened to learn that tny favorite site, acornplanet, are out of business or something is just wrong w/ their server. Ah, well. I did find another on-line one called Oriental Art Supply (I believe). I'll see how things (ink) are with them. I liked acornplanet because it was recommended by Lynda Barry and they actually sold gorgeous ink stones. Sigh...

Last night, I did more artwork...nearly finished with some sculptural pieces I want to add to my original design. I'm planning on sending out some submissions soon.

The other thing I was doing was working on a Valentine's swap I'm doin; it is coordinated by JEK of Scrumdillydo. I'm VERY excited about this one. I hope my pieces come out good and everyone likes them. :)

I'm also going to be doing a girl scout demo and have the same/similar idea for their project. It's paper mache and I think they will like it. I'm going to precut the cardboard so little hands don't get hurt/tired out.

I must be feeling better if I'm prancing about doing all of this. We are also trying to plot out the vacation to CA. It's going to be a big event for a car full of kiddos and parents. Most likely, insanity will follow. So, if by the time I arrive back to PA and I sound a little off, you'll know why. :) We aren't leaving until the Spring, so we've a way to go.

I've got art on the brain as well. I just want to make so many things. I'm glad I'm feeling like my old scatter brained self. :) Did I mention I started to make myself a top hat? hehehe I need to finish this up and photo myself wearing it. lol! :) I made it while listening to the Lemony Snickett book on tape.

Anywho, I'm down to the last batch of oatmeal cookies and am feeling fairly productive since it's noon. We went to the post office earlier and Harrison gave everyone cute overloads while we stood in line. I love that. :) :)Hope you all have a good day full of sweetness and good music.

On a sidenote, Miss Lydia started crying about our dear Autumn who passed away a few months back. I started to too...maybe after the trip, we'll look for some new kittens. :)


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