A multi-post day...

is that anything like multi-grain? Probably not. lol!

We just got in after having a blast outside making snowmen, snow piles and playing in the snow. My goodness was that fun! I stuck some candles around and will light them once it get's a bit dark. I think it will be fantastic. Norrie thought of adding those lights that you "crack" and they make various colors. I forgot what they're called. I'll have to pick up a few at the party store.

I wanted to make a heart shaped one but forgot in the middle of all that fun. I pulled out a pail from the garage and we made snow castles. I'm really starting to love winter...I hope most of the snow will be like this from now on (sticky and easy to make into snowmen).

My mom-in-law lent us a bunch of tinfoil (she saved some, which is perfect for our project). Once I get my energy back, I'm going to make some playdough and we'll make a dinotopia land for the evening fun. Oh, I think this will be a great activity for the kiddos. Maybe I should make some for the girlscout troop that I'm doing in February...I'll think about it. They could make mini-dinotopia type settings. That would be really cute. Just an idea. I got my idea from two places this one and this one.

It's really interesting how much more "into" kids you become when you have more time to your self. For me, this means, if I've gotten time to create/do my own thing, I'm more there for my family. This isn't the same as having a job. If you are lucky to have the just-right-for-you-job, then this goes hand in hand. For a lot of us, however, this isn't the case. But if you have time to follow your dreams a little bit each day, it makes family life a lot happier (all around). I think this is the difference between a rich life and a poor life and I'm not talking about bank accounts here. Spirtually rich with creativity makes people bloom. It's that simple and yet, a constant balance.


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