Moving and walking and dancing

That, I think, is key to doing the getting fit thing going (besides drinking more water and limiting the sweets). I have only had 1 sweet today and plan to keep it as such. I did more walking (even with a sore ankle), up and down the steps and sweeping the 1st floor (boy, there was a lot of dust!). After I wrote this mornings post (at 5 am, no less!!), I found my old workout buddy on youtube, Paul Eugene. I haven't done this in ages and needed that extra push to get moving. I like his mentality and you learn dance moves too. :)

Well, the next thing to do is make lunch...I had a salad at 10:40 am. Is that cheating?? Breakfast at 5:30am will not tide me over till lunch.

I will be doing a 7 minute moves with Paul and then, baby time and art time! :) Have a great day!


You go! I need to do this too!

m ^..^
Emily said…
Thank you!!

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