Inch by inch it's a cinch and carpe diem

Or day by day, the cold goes away. Emily Dimov-Gottshall (I made that one up...make sure to attribute that to me, if you use it). :)

That's how I feel, btw. I feel like I've been dragging on and on with a cold and finally, just went to the doctor. I love my doctor. She is the best and really got me feeling better w/ the right meds, etc. Thank goodness. I've also been diagnosed w/ post-nasal drip (PND) and I've got these cough drop like things that help a whole lot with this! :) I'm very pleased. Now, if my cold sore will finally go away, I'll be all better.

I slept for a 2.5 hour nap last night and it threw off my routine but I feel a lot better. Plus, I woke up right on time (early in fact) and was ready to take the kids out to the school bus stop. Thank goodness. They were mostly cheerful and ready to go.

I need to do a few things I've been planning on doing but procrastinating. Basically, it's fear. Fear of rejection, esp. This is in terms of my art stuff...why do I focus on this so much (the fear part)? I'll just pretend it's an experiment and go from there.

Jon and the kids cleaned out the guinea pig cage (boy did it need it) and did some sprucing of the house. That was very thoughtful of them (when I get sick, this is the first thing to go down Then, I get complaining because they should be helping anyway. I admit to doing this and hopefully, they will get into good habits).

Anyway, we're trying to plan out our trip to CA. I'm very excited about going as it's the first time we'll be back there in 7 yrs. I can't believe how the time has flown by. It makes me a little sad that time was not shared with various family members, but what matters is we will be there now and to seize the day!

I need to remember to do that (seize the day), more often. Even in small ways, we do this. As long as we're not laying in a puddle and are being active/alert/alive in what we like doing, it's good. I'm thinking of chores as well as stuff we like to do for fun (hobbies).

Well, since I started this blog about 10 am...and now it's 3pm, I did quite a bit in that time frame! Mostly tending to a semi-cranky baby. :) Have a good one!


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