Good early morning to you!

It's early for me, at least. 5:24 am. I had to wake up and see if it was snowing and if we'd get a 2 hour delay, etc. It is snowing, a light snow and there is no delay. Darn. Oh, well...I think I will stay up and make some coffee. I feel like having a warm mug. I think I would like to get some new mugs with hearts on them and some whimsical type imagery. I will have to see what I can find.

We had 2 days of warm-ish weather...and it's cold again. Supposed to last till next Sunday, at least. Yesterday we had so much rain the basement flooded! Not too badly, but it was crazy. Also, I fell down getting into the house on Sunday...twisted my ankle, actually. It was dark, I was carrying two bags/an umbrella and it was raining. I got distracted and slipped. Annoying and painful as I lay there in the rain. Jon came running out and fortunately, I'm much better after spending the day off my feet. Thank you, Jon for helping me!! :)

Sometimes I feel like that scene from the movie "Truly, Madly, Deeply" where Juliet Stevenson who plays Nina, says something like "Anyway, anyway, anyway..." The way she says the line in an escalating tone...that fits my mood right now with the snow. I want to say snow, snow, snow! Or rather, cold, cold, cold! Well, I don't mind the snow as long as it is snow and not ice covering snow.

Otherwise, nothing too much to report. I'm having garden dreams and warm sun thoughts. But who isn't in this part of the country? It will soon be here and I'll be sloshing around in the mud and sun. :)


Rebecka Dimov said…
Hi Em,
My plan is to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. At work we make a goal of eating 3 1/2 -7 cups of fruits and vegetables a day and 30 minutes of "workout" exercise a day. Start small and when you reach your goals, increase them little by little. Good luck!
Emily said…
Thank you, Becky! Good to see you here and to hear from you! :) Love you! I want to do the veggie/fruit idea!

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