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If you'd like to follow my blog, I've added a gadget that makes it much easier. I've been slowly adding my favorites as well. If you do follow me and would like me to reciprocate, let me know by leaving a comment. :)

Today the kiddos are home as it's an in-service day at school and then Martin Luther King's day on Monday. I think we'll try to celebrate it this year...the kids already made booklets about why Martin Luther King was important but I think we'll have a show and tell as well. We might include the play that Lydia has been working on based on a book that Norrie choose from the library about global warming. The book is a bit depressing but maybe the kids play will have a better feel to it. The book is called "Loony Little" by Diane Aston. It's primary focus is telling you about the animals in the artic...but I do not like how it ends (a downer for a kids book...a critter gets eaten and there isn't a really hopeful ending). I guess I'm old fashioned in that sense and like books (esp. for children) to have a positive ending.

Anyway, got to get going as I'm surrounded by kids! lol! :) I love days off. :)


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