collapsing shelves...

The day before, the girls bumped into the metal shelf and it totally fell apart. This after I had fixed it before and organized the whole thing. So, I was annoyed to say the least. Still, it's better they bumped into it, knocked it down then it falling on Harrison should he have rolled/crawled around it. I'm glad I was too upset about it all.

Lately, I've been listening to Lemony Snickett's a Series of Unfortunate events and honestly, it's starting to get a bit too depressing. I feel sorry for the kids and am growing tired of emotionally distant adults. I guess that's the whole point of the books but still, come on! It started creeping me out with the singing too (in the books on tape,the author actually sings various melodies he has created himself). It was odd and made me feel embarrassed for some reason.

Anyway, I'll probably check out 1 or 2 more (apparently there are 13 books out there!). But I need something lighter and with a happy ending/feel. I need something with humor.

Jon's working tonight, so I've been doing small chores here and there. Nothing too great. Started sketching a few paintings out and have some ideas on what I want to do. I've nearly gotten to the point where I'm ready to paint my new project (it has to do with models, etc). It's a bit tedious but basically, it's moving along all right.

Last night, while I talked with Jon, I made the skeleton of a top hat. I've been wanting to do this for some time and finally said, what the heck. Actually, I made a bunch of paper top hats, first and realized it was pretty similar. I just measured it around my head. Jon said he'd like one too. So, I may be making another one. I really like how it's coming out. I'll have to get some pics of this...

Being a bit of a larger person (and I'm sure anyone who fits in the either too large or too small catagory can understand), it's hard to hats that fit one's head size. Jon has always had a bigger noggin and I follow suit in the women's catagory. Jon has had to actually order a motorcycle helmet from Germany (in his motorcycle days).I guess I would too, if I ever did that (not likely). And this is one of the reasons I've wanted to make a top hat...besides the fact they are pretty exspensive to buy (something like $50+).

I have a few things I'd still like to finish up and submit to a few places. I'm going to be brave and just try it out. If I get rejected, that's all right. Now, to finish those loose ends! :)

I can hardly believe it but the snow is actually melting. All of our snowmen have nearly melted away. They look sad and lumpish...we'll probably get more snow. I feel like I'm rambling on here so, I'd better say good-night.


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