Added new music

I added some of my favorite musical scores...I just realized I didn't add any music from Tim Burton films...maybe I'll add those later or just have 1 mixpod just for that his stuff...we shall see.

It is snowing rather hard right now. I'm surprised at how much snow...the weather people said 1 inch but I think it's going to be more like 3-4inches. Hopefully, that's it. The alley was a bit slippery to get out of but, otherwise, a calm ride.

I didn't get any art work done yesterday. I was too tired and out of it. Actually, I took a nap when the baby did...for 2 hours! It must have been the cold front coming in (dropped the temp. unexpectedly) and this made me zonk out. I have to admit, I feel A LOT better today! :)

It's almost time to go to the market...have to think of healthy things to get. I was aiming for spring rolls and a Chinese flavor as well as healthy Mexican meals. I'm thinking of spice esp. Lately, everything seems a bit boring and I want to shake things up with flavor...limes, hot sauce, plum sauce, etc. So, I think I'll be doing this when I go shopping...And I want to get some ginger and try to pickle some of that. Or better, find a jar of pickled ginger. Maybe make some Japanese beef bowls or something. Delicous!

That's one thing I look forward to when we visit California; the food!! There are SO many places to eat there and get such a variety...I hope a lot of the restuarants are still there (after the fall outs last year) and we can share these experiences with my kids. I'm so excited and nervous.

Plus, I want to try this one African restuarant that I had wanted to go to when I did live in Alhambra...but never seemed to find the time. This is one of the down things about living in a small town with a small population that doesn't seem to attract new groups of people. Of course, I shouldn't say that because there is that Indian restuarant, just opening down the street. They are looking for a servers too...hmmm, maybe I'll apply. :) :)

It must be lunch time if I'm writing about food this much. I was thinking of going out but as Harry is sleeping and there is snow falling all crazy-like, I'll just reheat the Hungarian potatoe soup I made last night. It's not too unhealthy and I'll partner it with a salad.

Well, I hope everyone had a great day. It's Thursday, btw! One more day and it's Saturday.


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