too darn cold...

Sorry to be a tad negative but when it's barely 20 degrees outside, mama is not happy. Good grief! It's cold outside. We tried sledding for 20 minutes and had to go back inside...TOO COLD. I thought the baby was going to get frost bite or else the gals turn into ice statues. I want to do some winter type fun but it's not going to happen if you just want to stand in the sun and go back in the house as fast as you can. Plus, when we got in, the kiddos had tantrums, I fell asleep w/ the baby and basically, everyone was in a bad mood. After some sandwiches and warmth, we felt better. This is why there really needs to be at least 2 adults in a house with kids. 1 to watch/play w/the kids and the other to make food/goodies and clean up a bit. It's not fair to have to do everything...esp. when you're low on coffee and creamer. Just not human, I tell you!

I feel better now that I took a nap. I nearly burnt the beans (I'm making pinto chili) and was having a good dream about a Mexican restaurant but I saved the beans. There will be chili tonight, folks, with a slightly burnt/baked flavor. :)

I was feeling so down about all the cold, I sat in the basement next to the kerosene heater...It only warmed my front and the rest of me, was chilled. I need a couch or something down there to crash. Would it be evil to get Jon to move the futon (on the 3rd floor) to the basement? I hope not...we shall see.

I had seen those big ol tubs of sour cream at Sam's and thought who in their right mind (besides a restaurant) would have one of those in their home frig? Now, I wish I had one. I could smear sour cream on everything...well, at least on the chili. I'd gain a 50 pounds just looking at it. Never mind. I wish they sold plain yoghurt. Now, that would be excellent and healthy!

I feel a bit spaced out from my impromptu nap. I still can't believe I did that. Thank the stars the girls were good and well fed after lunch. They have Christmas Eve on the brain. I'm like, yeah, Santa can't get everything you wanted on your list (and the amended versions, I should say). Just a tad too much, if you ask me. We are going to celebrate Little Christmas on January 6th. This is when the Magi come and bring the gifts to Jesus. I think it's a beautiful expression of suspending our disbelief and accepting the miracle of Jesus...all this from the Wiseman. Pretty amazing when you think about it. :) For the idea to get to the kids, I'll be "finding" some presents Santa forgot and bring them out. We will think about how the Wiseman brought gifts to the baby Jesus and how it's important to honor that goodness in all of us.

I'm looking to make a crèche this year, as well. I want it to be outside but it's so cold. I will have to see how I'm feeling on the eve of Christmas.

Well, according to my Tasha Tudor "Forever Christmas" book, if you have a good cold snowy winter, the next years garden is supposed to be spectacular. I will have to order some Burpee seeds this year, I think. I want a flower bed, garden w/veggies and that's about it. Well, I hear a babe calling me. He must smell the chili...hehehe


Edgington said…
Burrrrrrrrr! I can feel the cold from here. Stay warm.
Emily said…
Thank you for leaving a comment! We're definitely trying to stay warm and thinking of warm days to come. :)

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