snowy daze

It's cold and snowy. Normal weather for the end of December the beginning of January. It's amazing to think in about 3 months this will be all gone and the buds of Spring will start to emerge and we will have gone through another Winter. It's good to think about this when all the world is cold and frozen.

However, I have a secret to tell. I seem to have started to actually like Winter! I don't know when it started but it has. I love that I can freeze things outside and make a snowy icescape design. I know this week it will be a little too cold (in the 20's) to make any snow people but it should warm up to the 30's soon and we can do more snow people, igloos and such. I love that we have fun things to do.

It's also a quite time...I can just do things inside that are not too strenuous because of paint fumes and such. I have to wait till it warms up again. The guilt factor of not getting the trim painted, can wait and I can do inside artwork. Christmas is over and we can focus on fun things just for ourselves or plan gardens and next years gifts. I love this! I have never thought of it this way, but it's like a mandatory time to take it easy and plan things out. I guess this is why January is, after all, the time to make some changes and get some ideas ready for the upcoming year. Just very exciting!

Well, I'd better post this...I started this blog post about 3 hrs ago and just have finished now. We were watching various old Disney cartoons from the 30's w/ the kids. lol! It's interesting how these stories still strike a chord within the "modern" day child. Love this.


May Your 2010 Be Filled With Bountiful Blessings & Wonderful Blogging!

Hot Cocoa Hugs With Marshmallows On Top,
Lyndy Ward
Emily said…
Thank you, Lyndy! :) I hope your year is blessed with all your wishes for others. You've already given me a great start to the new year with your blessings. :) :)

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